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Education & Events

Education is a key focus for CanPKU.  Our Management team is continually learning so that we can better support our PKU families. Annually, we host five regional events across Canada, in BC, the Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba), Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada (PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador), for PKU patients, friends, families, clinicians, students and researchers.  These events include diverse topics such as treatment options, cooking demos, current research, advocacy and more, and include food and free childcare, all for a nominal fee.  As often as possible, we offer travel scholarships to help families with the cost of attending these events, and our Quebec event is always bilingual (English and French).


Our Education Series each year accounts for roughly 50% of our operating budget, and additional funds are spent for Management to attend various conferences to maximize learning and networking opportunities.  Why do we spend such a large percentage of our budget on Education?

Because Knowledge Leads to Better Health.

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