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Membership Information

Become a new member or renew your membership to Canadian PKU and Allied Disorders Inc.


Annual Membership Fees are set from time to time by the Board of Directors, and are currently the following:

Scroll down for a detailed description of each membership type.


The more members we have the greater our voice is when advocating for better treatment coverage and care. 


Becoming a member includes the following benefits to you

  • Direct contact from CanPKU regarding newsletters and event invitations;
  • Direct access to new information regarding treatments, research and Provincial/Territorial advocacy campaigns;
  • Support from other individuals and families who understand;
  • Reduced registration fees for all CanPKU events;
  • Eligible for travel bursaries for CanPKU events, when available;
  • Eligible to receive a $10 discount for How Much Phe;
  • Opportunities to volunteer and make a difference;
  • Tips on advocacy and creating awareness in your community;
  • Voting rights at Annual General Meetings and Special Meetings; and
  • A free box of VitaBites from Vitaflo for all first-time members.


By becoming a member you are showing your support for CanPKU to accomplish its goals, which include:

  • Creating awareness about PKU and other inherited metabolic disorders;
  • Providing a supportive community for those living with PKU and other inherited metabolic disorders;
  • Increasing opportunities for PKU families and others to attend educational and networking events;
  • To improve the lives of people living with PKU and other inherited metabolic disorders;
  • Promoting and supporting research; and
  • Advocating for increased treatment coverage across Canada.


For membership application/renewal form, click here.
For French form
click here.


There are 4 categories of annual membership as established in By-law No. 1, section 8.02:


1. General Member (GM) any person diagnosed with PKU or other allied disorder; any person related to a person with PKU or other allied disorder and whose life is directly affected by the diagnosed disorder (such as a parent, grandparent, legal guardian, sibling, spouse or child). Only General Members 18 years of age and older having voting rights;

2. Supportive Members (SM) any person who supports the vision and mission of CanPKU and is interested in advancing its objectives. Supportive Members have NO voting rights;

3. Professional Member (PM) any professional (doctors, researchers, nurses, nutritionists, among others) related, interested and/or working on PKU and other genetic and/or metabolic disorders. Professional Members have NO voting rights;

4. Corporate Member (CM) any corporation interested in helping and supporting CanPKU. Corporate Members have NO voting rights.

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