STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION ON 2023 Camp MagniPHEque happening in Saskatchewan

What's on for 2022?

Friday Evening -  Sign in and Set up

Welcome Reception

Members and Non Members can join the Annual General Meeting if they wish

Campfire and snacks - check out the board games indoors!

Saturday Morning-  Camp activities for those under 18 who do not wish to attend the seminars

Seminars for adults and younger who choose to attend

- Learn about new treatments, therapies trials on the horizon and available now

- Learn about a patient driven research platform that you can be part of

- And more!

Saturday Afternoon - Games, activities, crafts and more!

Saturday Evening -  Experience CanPKU's drive in theatre

Break away social groups

Campfire, Hiking - what's your pleasure?

Sunday Morning - Socializing, camp activities, pack and load up

Sunday Afternoon People tend to depart between 10 and 2 depending on their travel plans - take away lunch provided.

This is just an outline of what is to come!

We are still adding more to the weekend and are excited to see everyone again!

We look forward to 2022 when we will gather back at Camp MagniPHEque to celebrate being together. Apart, we are rare. Together we are family.

 CanPKU would like to provide you with the reassurance of a few things upfront:

We will do our utmost possible in the way of COVID 19 safety measures to help keep our community as safe as possible. You will be required to complete a written pre-screening before attending camp to ensure you are COVID healthy before arriving to camp, in addition to measures taken regarding meals, activities and sleeping arrangements.

For any reason, you will be able to request a full refund up to 21 days before camp. (So, if things aren't going as you had hoped, you can cancel with confidence up to 3 weeks before camp.

If camp is cancelled due to COVID19 restrictions, we will be issuing full refunds to all those who have paid. Or you can make the choice to forward the funds to next year... But things are looking good!

As always we have 3 ways to enjoy camp:

Camping - Full Weekend Pass

This pass will allow you to join us from Friday to Sunday at the campgrounds.  It includes cabin sleeping in bunk beds, all your meals, snacks, beverages and activities for camp! 

Glamping - Full Weekend

This pass is for those who like to camp a little more "glamorously". It includes your "at camp costs" such as meals, snacks, beverages and activities, but allows the flexibility of you booking a hotel room and giving up on the bunk bed cabin sleeping. We have found that Glampers typically opt to depart straight from their hotel on Sunday, so it does not include Sunday breakfast or take away lunch.

Note: If you stay at the Best Western (more information is available when booking your passes) they include a free breakfast!

Saturday ONLY

For some people, just a day pass is enough. This pass covers your meals and activities for Saturday from sun up (ok, just after breakfast around 9am) until Sundown! We have you covered for everything in between!

Register here

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See some photos of Previous Years... or add some of your own!!

In order to add your own photos, please login to the website. Then, click on the BLUE title with the correct year. Please note these are for the ONTARIO location. You should see an ADD option. Please note when adding photos they will be available for anyone to see, if you have selected this option when updating your profile.

To add or see photos from SK please click this link: Saskatchewan Camp MagniPHEque 2019.

Watch a video made in 2019 from both Ontario and Saskatchewan Camps!

Please Note: Some activities are not available at both camps!

Need help getting to camp? Check out Camp Scholarships available

Dealing with Covid 19

Canadian PKU and Allied Disorders (CanPKU) has updated our Covid 19 policies for events. 

·  Sleeping accommodations will be one person, couple or family per cabin (unless consented in writing by families/adults sharing)

·  It’s OK to bring tents & sleeping bags and camp in a tent, if you wish. Do let us know in advance when registering so we can arrange portable restrooms for the tenting area. Tenting will be in its own, well-spaced area and will offer outhouses (Johnny on the spots).

·  Meal service may be by table service, not buffet, as in past.

·  Physical distance/masking guidelines will apply, as recommended by Public Health at the time.

·  Extra cleaning/sanitization between meals and indoor activities.

·  Outdoor activities will be offered whenever possible



Can children come to camp on their own?

No, any participants under the age of 16 must attend with an adult.

I am an adult with PKU (or other metabolic disorder). Is it weird if I come alone?

Not at all! You will not be alone. Some adults arrive on their own, some with spouses, some with families, and some plan on meeting past friends at the event. Either way, you will not be alone for long!

Food and Beverages

Can I bring my own snacks/foods?

Yes, you are able to bring your own foods and snacks. We suggest snacks that do not require any preparation as the kitchen is not available to campers. You will have a "bin" for indoor storage and a fridge for your use (outside the main kitchen) to store items. There is no where to cook or heat items.

Do I store my own snacks, drinks etc in my cabin/tent.

No, food items may not be stored in cabins or your own tent due to the wildlife around. You will have storage areas available and accessible at all times for you.

We have food concerns other than just PKU. Can these restrictions be met?

We do our best to accommodate all dietary needs. Please be sure to include anything we need to know in your registration. If you need to let us know more, send an email to

Is there a NUT policy?

Yes, absolutely NO NUT products are permitted on site.

Do I need to bring my own formula and/or medication?

Yes, please bring your own formula and medication needs to camp. We will supply a scale and potable water. Should you use powdered milk, please bring your own supply. We will have apple juice available at all meals for use with Kuvan.

Is alcohol allowed on the premises?

Yes, we apply for a liquor license for camp to allow those 19+ to responsibly have a drink or two at camp. The lodge is the only area where alcohol is permitted and only between the hours of 8pm - 11 pm.


How are cabins arranged?

Typically we bunk 1-3 families per cabin depending on the size of family and cabin. With COVID restrictions this year, we will do our best to accommodate SINGLE families in each cabin. This may require us to host less families due to the number of cabins available. We are working on the possibility of families bringing their own tent in order to accommodate more families. Tents will not be provided.  You can let us know your preference during registration.

Is tent camping permitted?

This year, we will be allowing tent camping in order to help accommodate the needs of families with COVID19. Families will be required to bring and set up their own tenting accommodations. These tents will be set up in a separate area and will have access to portapotty style washroom facilities. Please let us know this is your preference at registration so we can plan accordingly.

We still want to camp with another family. Is this possible?

If you indicate to us that you have another family that you are "Bubbled" with based on COVID 19 restrictions, we will trust your arrangements and set up your cabin accordingly. BOTH families will need to request this arrangement by email to

Are there shuttles from the hotels?

No, however, if you are interested in carpooling, we can try and help you to coordinate this opportunity. (Please keep in mind with COVID 19, you may wish to wear a mask in the vehicles)

General Questions

Do you have a recommended packing list?

Yes, please find it here

We would like to suggest that you also bring a lawn chair which may come in handy for outdoor use.

Where is camp this year?

Ontario's camp will be held at the same location as we have in previous years. It will take place at Camp Kawartha.  Camp Kawartha’s main site is located 26 km (approximately 30 minutes) northeast of Peterborough off Highway 28 on the south shore of Clear Lake, at the intersection of Birchview Road & Camp Line Road (within the township of Douro-Dummer). The address is 1010 Birchview Rd. Douro Dummer. 

This map may help.

Please do NOT go to the location in Peterborough near Trent 

Will proof of a COVID 19 Vaccine or Negative Test Result be required to attend camp?

As of September 2021, (The board is reviewing this policy at our Board Meeting in March 2022 for 2022 camp)

·  Proof of full vaccination (or medical exemption) required for all old enough (at time of writing no vaccines approved for children under 12 years of age)Note: full vaccination means the completion two doses a minimum of 14 days before camp of COVID vaccines by Pfizer, Moderna or Astra Zenaca or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. (As per the Provincial Passport Policy)

·  Proof of negative results from a test (gold-standard PCR test only)  required for all. Test sample must be taken no more than 72 hours before Camp arrival.

(*Those who are unable to vaccinate, they will need a letter of exemption from a doctor indicating this. For privacy reasons, you do not need to disclose why you are unable to be vaccinated.)

For the peace of mind for all campers, we are currently looking into obtaining rapid response tests to be available and administered upon arrival to camp.

We are aware of the potential for this policy to change with the local, provincial and camp grounds policy requirements. We will allow FULL cancellations IF the policy changes after you purchase your tickets to attend camp. Should the policy change, we will send a letter out to all those who are registered for camp with the new policy and allow a 7 day window to request a refund or considered to have accepted the new policy.

Otherwise, the typical 21 days in advance cancellation policy will be in place. 

Will masks be required?

Physical distance/masking guidelines will apply, as recommended by Public Health at the time.

Payments and Refunds

I am a member, but cannot seem to get the member pricing to be available to me. Help.

Please ensure you have signed into the website. Click on  your profile to see the status of your membership. Only active members will have access to the members rates.

In the past you had payment plans. I need one of these. I don't see it anymore, can you help?

Yes, we can still work with you on a payment plan. Please let us know if this will help and we will sort it out for you.

I am a member, but I accidently signed up under the non member price. Can you help change it.

We are unable to change your reservation or refund the difference in pricing. Please be careful when selecting your rates.

What is your refund policy?

We are allowing for cancellations up until 21 days before camp. You can process these by yourself on your profile.

What if the event needs to be cancelled due to COVID 19?

We are closely watching the Ontario plans for reopening (and staying open). We are also working with the camp grounds. Should we need to cancel the event we will give FULL refunds when this determination is made.

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