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CanPKU looks to bring you online education and events from ourselves as well as our sponsors and affiliates. If we think it may be of interest to you based on a disorder you may live with or know someone who lives with, we will post it here! Check out the calendar of events below to register!

From time to time we will also post other types of seminars that may be of interest, but are not directly linked to PKU and other Allied Disorders. You may find these on our Facebook Page.


Where possible, Can PKU also holds one day regional  events which include education, socialization and more! We bring in guest speakers, serve a snack or meal, and invite members of the community to gather and learn from each other. Check out a couple Youtube videos where some of our attendees discuss why they like to attend these events. (Sorry, we know both videos start out with the same dad speaking, but the next two clips on each video are different people)

CanPKU has been fortunate to have been able to hold an annual camp in two different locations so far. In 2019 we ran both locations in the same year! From that year we made a video showcasing some of the events at camp. Please see the clip below for the video. (Offered with English or French Captions.)

Stay tuned for our next planned camp in 2022!


Don't let funds get in the way of attending our events. If you need help, please reach out!

Upcoming events


Regional Events -

Thanks to a little virus called Covid 19 our regional events have been postponed for 2021-2022.

Education. Networking. Samples. These are a few good reasons to attend a PKU event. We promise you, it is worth the time and travel costs required. CanPKU hosts events all across Canada each year as part of our annual Event Series, and we are also happy to share information about events hosted by others (please scroll to the bottom of this page). Why?  Because Knowledge Leads to Better Health. 

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