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CanPKU believes that creating awareness around Maple Syrup Urinary Disease (MSUD) and other rare diseases helps patients…Because Knowledge Leads to Better Health.

When people are aware of a condition, they are more likely to be understanding and supportive.  This might be as simple as ensuring that there are appropriate food choices at the next party your child attends, or it might mean that a politician will fight on your behalf for coverage of treatments.

According to Newborn Screening Ontario the instance of babies born with MSUD is 1 in 200,000 Find out more here

Introducing our MSUD Chair Person - Susan

Downloadable Resources for Individuals with MSUD

General Information

USA - MSUD Family Support Group - Website

Nutricia - MSUD patient can find resources on their YouTube channel: Nutricia Metabolics Canada - YouTube

Formula Based Information

RxModality has solutions for MSUD. Unfortunately, at this time, none of these products have coverage at the moment in Canada.  Should you have any questions on these products email Petr Formanek  or want to help us advocate for their coverage please contact us at MetaXJump10  ZeroVilMinis  ZeroVil KJA  ZeroSystems

Nutricia has a Maxamum recipe book available in English and French. You can download it right from here.

Maximum Recipe

Nutricia propose un livre de recettes Maxamum disponible en anglais et en français. Vous pouvez le télécharger directement à partir d'ici.

Recettes Maxamum


2021 Nutricia - Temple to MSUD ENGLISH  Video livret temple - FRANCAIS  vidéo


Nutricia - Youtube Videos - Nutricia Metabolics Canada- How to read a nutrition facts table - YouTube

Nutricia - Youtube Videos - Nutricia Metabolics Canada - How to calculate the amount of protein in your portion size - YouTube

Nutricia - Youtube Videos - Nutricia Metabolics Canada - How to plan your weekly low protein meals - YouTube

School Aged

2022 - Cambrooke Back to School Guide for IEMs (English) Page 1 Page 2


Maternal MSUD

Return to Therapy (care/diet) and Diet for Life



Region or Province Based

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